Every now and then an opportunity comes along
that hatches into something magical...


Summerland Arcade, Lismore, NSW


The Pickled Herd was borne from a pure desire to bring boldness to the everyday ordinary offerings of the cafe scene... and so this kitsch 'hole-in-the-wall' came to life!

Think Instagram-worthy breakfast selections, a lunch menu fit for the heftiest appetite, homemade relishes and pickles creating signature flavours unmatched! It doesn't stop there... homemade sweets and desserts for every palate and preference - dainty sweets or hefty vegan treats... you'll need all day to get through them all!! A coffee menu rivalling the laneways of Melbourne and a beverage list that mimics a flora almanac... THE PIcKLED HERD certainly know their chews and brews!

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Supporting a plethora of artisan manufacturers, local organic eggs, fresh produce hand selected at the local growers market every Saturday morning, bread from the local bakery especially designed and baked to order. Spice blends designed in-house and supplied to the local butcher who returns it as a cured pastrami... and then there's the savoury and/or sweet waffle menu!! 


Don't take my word for it... get yourself down to Summerland Arcade and start sampling pronto!

When THE PIcKLED HERD & THE MASTICATION Co. come together to provide catering, there's that kind of foodie excitement which keeps you awake at night!


We thrive with a menu challenge...

the kitchen gets louder... the temperature hotter...

the excitement is infectious and inspiring all at once!!


It made perfect sense to us, to offer our combined passion for food and catering to the local dining scene! 

Specialising in: robust flavour, tricky dietary requirements, immaculate presentation, locally sourced products and produce and our fastidious service commitment, you would be 100% bonkers to overlook this catering team for your next event, party or retreat!

This was a heavenly match waiting to happen...
with THE MASTICATION CO. & THE PIcKLED HERD, it's all about chew!!

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