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Michelle Davis

NUTRITIONIST (Adv. Dip. Nutritional Medicine)

FOUNDER - The Mastication Co

Michelle Davis is a Nutritionist (Adv. Dip. Nutritional Medicine) & Founder of The Mastication Co., a small business start-up bringing something different to holistic health & wellness.

The Mastication Co. business model came to light when Michelle, seeking alternative remedies for an undiagnosed autoimmune condition she’d suffered from since her teens, was satisfied with the standard offerings from her Practitioners (and happy to follow the prescribed protocol) but knew her chances of being compliant would have been ‘stacked in her favour’ if she was receiving the prescribed meals in a ready-to-eat delivery… not having to go home and find extra time in her busy schedule to source organically grown, ethical and sustainable ingredients, test recipes to cook three meals per day including smoothies, tea blends and snacks. It was all a bit overwhelming, but she committed herself and in turn, celebrated a good outcome.


With a new-found energy, combined with her love of cooking, researching and recipe writing Michelle offered to cook for close friends seeking improved health outcomes through their diet alone. Cooking weekly meals and watching them get healthier, Michelle knew that the next half of her life was destined to help others. Nutritional Medicine was the modality best aligned with her love for cooking and fascination for the human body, signing up for four years of balancing night classes with an already hectic corporate work schedule.

After 18 years living in the heart of Sydney, achieving success in the Corporate arena and completion of her studies it was time to take a year off… and Northern Rivers, NSW seemed like the most obvious place to chill out and start dreaming up The Mastication Co.


Three years on, and Michelle decided not to go back to Sydney. The Mastication Co. was launched as a home-based business in Lismore, NSW and operates from a HACCP certified commercial kitchen in Alstonvale.

Registered with ATMS accrediting body (Australian Traditional Medicine Society), Michelle offers her Clients nutrition consults via face-to-face appointments in their own home, as well as online, specialising in (but not limited to) metabolic disorders, hormonal issues, fatigue, autoimmune disease and digestive disorders. Believing that all disease begins in the gut, her absolute love is STILL creating nutritional, tasty and medicinal meals for her Clients with their own wellness goals.

The Mastication Co. also caters to fellow Practitioners wishing to refer their Clients for prescription diets personalised to specific requirements, as well as rotating monthly menus for home-style nutritional dinners, breakfasts and desserts - all delivered directly to the Clients’ door, in 'Busy Betty' - a refrigerated delivery van.

Michelle and The Mastication Co.’s goals are simple -

1: reduce the amount of fast food traffic

2: turn illness into wellness; and

3: assist Clients to live their best life.


The Mastication Co. Personalised Nutrition knows how to make it all about chew!! 

Book a discovery call now, to find out more!

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