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  • Where do you deliver?
    We are currently launching from the Northern Rivers NSW region and plan to service the within a 100km radius in our refrigerated delivery van, to ensure the meal plans arrive fresh on the day it was prepared. This covers from Ballina, NSW to Gold Coast, Qld. Please email if you’d like to check your delivery area prior to placing your order.
  • When do you deliver and how often?
    Cleanses are prepared and delivered in 3-day batches and delivered AFTER HOURS per the following days/regions: Monday – Lismore/Bangalow/Ballina/Byron Bay/Mullumbimby/Ocean Shores and surrounds Tuesday – Gold Coast/Surfers Paradise and surrounds Wednesday – Tweed Heads/Kingscliff/Cabarita/Banora Point and surrounds
  • What is the difference between the cleanses?
    All cleanses are similar in that they are plant based, high fibre, high nutritional content, locally sourced produce (organic where possible) and liver supportive. All cleanses are supplied with additional fibre protocols and liver supporting supplementation with the aim of collecting toxins and eliminating safely. Absolutely nothing else to purchase as everything is delivered to your door with an easy to follow planner/guide. Where the plans differ is as follows: 3-day Cleanse – Soups, Juices, Smoothies & Salads… perfect for a post-seasonal kickstart for the health conscious and also recommended prior to commencing our prescription meal plans. Only low impact exercise (walking/yoga) recommended during this time as withdrawal headaches and a general lethargy may be experienced after day two. 6-day Cleanse – Soups, Juices, Smoothies, Salads & Meals… our personal recommendation to boost your immunity, eliminate sluggishness and eliminate toxins. Low impact exercise is recommended during the first three days, and then a combination of low and high impact exercise during the following 3 days. Please note: Receiver must be available to receive two separate deliveries for the 6 days of meals. 9-day Cleanse – Soups, Juices, Smoothies, Salads & Meals… This cleanse has been found most effective for high energy activity as protein is increased after day three. If you live an active lifestyle and don’t want to hibernate in ‘cleanse’ mode, then this will be most suitable. Please note: Receiver must be available to receive 3 separate deliveries for the 9 days of meals. 12-day Cleanse – Soups, Juices, Smoothies, Salads & Meals… This cleanse targets overall wellbeing. If you haven’t been able to ‘shake the flu’ all winter, recovering from anaesthetic and/or medical procedures, general unease in your tummy or fluctuating moods/hormones, this one is for you. Please note: Receiver must be available to receive 4 separate deliveries for the 12 days of meals.
  • Do I have to be sick to get a "prescription" from my practitioner?"
    NO… absolutely not. Prescription plans are modelled on the foundation of science - designed to encourage preventative health, as well as target particular health outcomes for our clients. Our aim is to prepare and deliver the meals to you as your Practitioner would recommend these diets in one-on-one consultations. We hope to eliminate the overwhelm of changing your lifestyle to suit
  • Do you cater to allergies and intolerances?
    Yes – when ordering cleanses, please ensure all information is advised prior to checkout and payment. Modifications to our recipes can be made accordingly. Our Prescription plans are created specifically to each individual, once we receive comprehensiveinformation relating to your unique requirements. Prior to preparing these meals The MasticationCo. will contact you via email to share the intended meal plan, for your final approval. Any changescan be made at this stage.
  • Can I get a referral from my doctor/any doctor?
    Yes – as long as your Practitioner or Doctor are trained to give nutritional and diet advice, and hold current accreditation with their governing health body, they can visit our website and apply for “Accredited Membership” in a few simple steps. When you are referred to a particular diet plan by your Practitioner, we can then change the level of membership for you to “Referred Member”. All you need to do to view the plans is let us know who your Practitioner is (or your Practitioner can let us know who you are) and we will change your level of membership to enable viewing of our Prescription Meal Plans on our website. You can then view and select the meal plan prescribed to you, complete the required information and check out accordingly.
  • Do you contact my referring Doctor/Practitioner throughout the Prescription Diet protocols?
    We may contact you or your Practitioner if we require any further information which may affect the design and production of The Mastication Co. meal plans, but we will always seek permission first. Further to this, we recommend that you continue ongoing appointments throughout the diet protocols to track and monitor your progress. Some meal plans are delivered with a diet diary for you to complete daily and share at your one-on-one consultations with your Practitioner.
  • How long after I order and pay online can I expect to receive delivery?
    The Mastication Co. will be in touch to confirm receipt of your order to advise expected date of delivery of your meals. Cleanses will commence approximately one week after receipt of order, and Prescription Plans one to two weeks after your order is received, dependent on level of modifications required to accommodate allergies and aversions.
  • Can I purchase without a referral or 'prescription'?
    Yes – the 3, 6, 9, 12-day cleanses can be purchased without referral. The Prescription Meal Plans will require a Practitioner referral due to the selection being specific to targeting dietary and wellness outcomes. If your Practitioner is not a member of The Mastication Co., please direct them to our website to complete membership details, view our Prescription Meal plans and select the preferred option. Once the Members details are known to us, you may complete your details and your Practitioners details for “Referred Membership” via our website, where you can then select and complete checkout for your referred meal plan.
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