Microbiome Transformation - Meal Delivery

Microbiome Transformation - Meal Delivery


The Mastication Co.'s Microbiome Transformation Program is an all inclusive 6-month protocol consisting of 10 weeks of nourishing meals delivered to your door, personalised wellness strategies, long term support to accommodate continued lifestyle changes and a break from the kitchen! Now is the time to make it all about chew...!



Commencing Friday 21st January - Completion Thursday 31st April



If your goal  is to reclaim your health, our top-selling program meal delivery program takes care of the hard work for you. This gut health transformation is designed to get your health back on track, with visible results in as little as 3 weeks. 


Why?... because The Mastication Co. believe that all disease begins in the gut... and science has backed up our beliefs time and time again!

How?... By using food as medicine, and medicine as food!


THIS IS NOT A DETOX, A CLEANSE OR A FAD DIET... this is your pathway to change your dietary and lifestyle habits for good... targeting optimal health. Targeting (but not limited to) poor immune response, digestive complaints, inflammation, joint and muscle pain, metabolic disease, poor cardiovascular health, disordered mental or emotional health, fatigue, hormonal imbalance and weight regulation issues.


With a focus to restore and rebuild a compromised microbiome, this protocol requires a commitment of 6 months. Following the principles of the weed, feed and seed concept. You will receive smoothies, juices, salads, tea blends, mylk drinks and beautiful nourishing and therapeutic meals made from clean (sustainable, organic &/or insecticide free where possible), seasonal produce, with a core focus on improved gut health whilst maintaining nutritional targets. Low in salicylates, nitrates and other acid forming foods, this diet also eliminates grains, gluten, dairy and refined sugars, minimising inflammatory responses in the body and allowing the gut to heal from the inside out.

The complete program includes:

  • Initial Nutrition consultation aimed toward getting an true snapshot of your health concerns, wellness goals and lifestyle choices plus a diet diary analysis (1.5hrs), 4x Check-in Nutrition consultations designed to measure your ongoing success (every 4 weeks x 30-40mins) and a Follow-Up Consultation upon completion of the Program at 6 months (1hr), ensuring long term success.
  • Bioresonance Hair Sample Analysis - we send a small sample of your hair off to our trusted laboratory to be tested against 500+ ingredients to gain insight into what your body doesn't break down properly, causing unwanted reactions and long term ill health. This also ensures our meal plans are designed with these aversions in mind, personalising your nutritional needs every step of the way. (NOTE: This is not an allergy test)
  • 42-days (6 weeks) of Nutritionist designed and prepared breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks and beverages for each of the 42 days, delivered directly to your door in 3-4 day batches - absolutely nothing else to purchase. Omni/Pesce/Vege/Vgn options available. Using holistic nutritionally-based guidelines to support a gastrointestinal transformation, all meals are loaded with ethically grown, sustainably sourced ingredients, organic wholefoods and medicinal herbs, along with moderate inclusions of super foods, to ensure your transformation is the best you've ever felt. Think of it as a breezy hinterland retreat from the comfort of your own home!
  • Four weeks of up-sized wholefood vegetarian meals (rotating weekly menu) to support your transition towards a realistic, healthy and balanced lifestyle beyond the programThese larger portions of meals will include 4 x savoury meals, 1 x breakfast and 1 x dessert and will be suitable for 3-4 servings each that can be portioned up to get you through 80% of your required weekly nutritional intake (meal prep) or shared with your family. This is a reintroduction to wholesome eating, with the inclusion of beneficial ingredients that were eliminated during your 6-week transformation. Meals are vegetarian (Vegan option available), however are designed for you to add your desired protein, if required. A weekly herbal tea blend and  night time mylk drink will also be included.
  • A supplementation protocol* designed to complement your meal program, promote gut healing, provide systemic support and boost immunity... designed to help you thrive beyond completion of the program. (*additional supplements may be recommended during your initial consultation, however these will be personalised to your specific needs and not mandatory to the outcomes of the Program)



*A combination of high and low impact exercises are encouraged to be incorporated into your weekly routine, depending on your current health status. If sedentary, you'll still achieve excellent results.

*Meals/plans can be flexible. Two x Intermittent Fasting days can be moved around any social commitments and meals can be swapped around if required. The focus is on getting as many beneficial nutrients into your body each day as possible, promoting increased energy levels, brighter eyes, clearer skin, rested digestion, hormone balancing and improved metabolism and moods (just to mention a few).

*Delivery/collection of meals will be every 3-4 days for the 6-week Program. We want you to have a lot of variety and it's important we maintain freshness, therefore the majority of meals will be refrigerated, with a couple of frozen options from time to time. Storage and reheating instructions will be included on every label of every meal, so no need for guesswork... we told you we'd do the hard work for you!


PAYMENT PLAN INFO: Several Payment Plans are available to suit your specific needs. If you wish to create an automated monthly payment during the 6 months duration of the Program, please head to the Plans & Pricing menu and select "The Complete Package-monthly" deal and simply complete your details. If a monthly plan is not suitable, please contact us by emailing themasticationco@gmail.com to advise of your specific payment requirements and we will manually set up a payment option to suit. You WILL NOT have to come back to this page to place your order, as commitment to the payment plan will ensure you're registered for the Program. We'll be in touch to schedule your consultation, where we will also discuss allergies/aversions/health concerns, and lock in your start date. Payment plan includes deliveries in the Lismore region only. If delivery outside of our delivery zone is required, a separate invoice will be raised to cover costs of deliveries throughout the program.