40-Days to Fabulous Program - DIY

40-Days to Fabulous Program - DIY


If your resolution for 2021 is to reclaim your health, this is a great place to start. 


If you enjoy being in the kitchen and can commit to 40 days, we'll get your gut health back on track. Why?... because we believe that all disease begins in the gut... and science has proven these theories over and over again. How?... with food as medicine, and medicine as food!


THIS IS NOT A DETOX, A CLEANSE OR A DIET... this is your pathway to change your dietary and lifestyle habits for good... targeting optimal health.


Using holistic nutritionally-based guidelines to support a gastrointestinal transformation, all recipes are loaded with ethical and sustainable ingredients, organic wholefoods and medicinal herbs, along with a healthy batch of super foods to ensure your 40 days of transformation is the best you've ever felt.


This program includes 4-weeks of Meal plans and recipes delivered to your inbox each week, with weekly shopping & sourcing lists to make life easier. The complete package also includes a dietary assessment and 1:1 Nutrition consultation upon sign-up and a follow-up Nutrition consultation upon completion.


WHY ONLY 4-WEEKS? Because the last two weeks mimic the first two weeks, and you already have the information and experience to continue on... forever!



*A combination of high and low impact exercises are encouraged to be incorporated into your weekly routine, depending on your current health status.

*Meals/plans can be flexible. Two x Intermittent Fasting days can be moved around any social commitments and meals can be swapped around if required. The Meal Plan supplied is a guide only... if you wish to have lastnights' leftovers for dinner, you can! the focus is on getting as many beneficial nutrients into your body, while minimising waste (food waste makes us cringe too).

*Delivery fees not included as you will receive weekly meal plans, recipes and shopping & sourcing lists to your email inbox - ready for you to shop locally and cook at home.


PAYMENT PLAN INFO: If you wish to create a 7 week payment plan for this product, please head to the Plans & Pricing menu and select "DIY Package" deal and simply complete your details. We will be in touch to schedule an appointment for your Nutrition Consultation and discuss allergies/aversions/health concerns, and you will then be registered for Program. There is no need to come back to this page and place your order.


    All recipes can be customised to your unique requirements.
    Refunds will not be available per our terms and conditions.
    Cancellation of this program is only valid upon receiving written acknowledgement from The Mastication Co.


    No delivery required... this Program will be emailed on a weekly basis, so you don't even need to be home for it's arrival!