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TMC Terms of Use – Memberships

The Mastication Co. is a personalised nutrition and catering service offered to Practitioners who are qualified to administer nutritional advice to their Clients.

Levels of membership are explained below:

* If you wish to be kept up to date with all things relating to The Mastication Co., updates and special offers, then TMC Member is the membership for you. This membership also allows you to view and purchase our 3, 6, 9 and 12-day cleanses.

* If you are an accredited Practitioner who wishes to offer their clients an alternative option by having their nutritional diet prescribed, created to their unique requirements, produced and delivered, please have your accreditation body info and unique practitioner number ready and complete the Accredited Member section to view all available diet plans for referral to your clients. If you wish to have your details advertised in our Participating Practitioners within our Members section, please be sure to tick the box giving authorisation to show your details.

* If you have been prescribed a dietary protocol by your health Practitioner and wish to order online, please apply for Referred Member status and provide your referring Practitioners details. This level of membership will give you full access to all of the prescription diets The Mastication Co. offer, to enable selection as prescribed. Prior to checking out, please  ensure all health concerns, allergies and aversions are provided prior to checking out. If you would like us to liaise with your Practitioner regarding your particular health outcomes or advise feedback on the status of your dietary protocol,
please tick box which gives The Mastication Co. authorisation to contact your referring Practitioner on your behalf.


Once membership has been applied for, we’ll be in touch within 24 hours to confirm your approval.

Once confirmed as a member, you may login and amend your membership details at any time.

PLEASE NOTE: Prescription Meal Plans can only be viewed by Accredited and Referred Memberships. All programmed cleanses can be viewed by all levels of membership. If you are a TMC Member and wish to gain an understanding of the prescription dietary protocols we offer, please email us:

The Mastication Co. encourage a dual approach to achieving your health goals by scheduling ongoing appointments with a preferred Practitioner and monitoring your progress throughout the dietary protocol cycle. For a list of participating Practitioners, please visit our Members area.

For any further enquiries, please email us:

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